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These words hang on the exterior wall of the Jeremiah 29:11 Ministries building in Santa Elena and accurately describe our friends, the founders, Chuck and Joyce Harper. We survived language school together and even served together at a small church in an impoverished area of Costa Rica. Chuck and Kelly learned the Spanish alphabet with the help of a Winnie the Pooh wall chart and a very patient teacher. They had a lot of fun in class and if there had been a vote, Chuck, Kelly and their classmates would likely have won the class clown award. Joyce and I were in class together; we likely would have been voted most studious. :-) When we finished language school, we all had good intentions to g

All but forgotten

It was nearing time to leave San Pedro Sula last week when Angie Dunleavy of Orphan Helpers asked if we would like to visit special needs teenage girls/women at a government-run facility. This meant we would be returning to Tegucigalpa in the dark, but we decided that we should go. What a huge blessing we would have missed had we not gone. When we pulled-up to the gate, a young lady peered through the small square opening and screamed Angie's name with excitement. Angie told us that these teenage girls/women are "all but forgotten." When IHNFA facilities were permanently closed in December, they found placements for all of the children and even the special needs boys in facilities across Hon

The boy is now a man and a daddy.

Where has the time gone? Kelly first met Cesar in 2005; I met him in 2007. He lived at the GSCH for several years before he was transferred to an all boys home in 2009, one year before we arrived to serve in Honduras. We lost contact with Cesar for several years, but finally reunited with him about 2-years ago. Cesar is now 23-years old, engaged to a sweet young lady, is a great daddy, and is majoring in engineering at CEUTEC. We are proud that he has accepted responsibility for his 5-month old son and Loren's 5-year old son, Carmelo. This pic of Kelly & Cesar was taken 7-years, 7-months ago on 12/28/2007. This pic of Cesar and me was taken on 12/27/2007, the date I first tried sugar cane. 7

Between these two places

We have been burning-up the road between Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula. We vary our travel dates, but are typically in San Pedro Sula 2 days each week. There are so many neat people that we have met along the way and in between the two cities. Below is Mercedes, a 74-year old woman that we met in Comayagua. She cannot speak well due to a tracheostomy (I think that's what is called). When we first met, she pointed to my feet and told me she needed shoes. Unfortunately I didn't have anything to give her at the time. After I placed our feet side-by-side to gauge the size of her foot, I promised I would return with some shoes. A few weeks later, we returned to visit Mercedes. I presented her wi

BEattitude #1: Unity

So, this week we were at Senderos for longer than usual. We went to San Pedro Sula on Saturday so that we could attend an English-speaking church with our friends. While we were at Senderos, we heard that friends from an organization that we will name *later, would be bringing their team on Monday to do several projects. We decided to extend our stay so that we could see them and maybe help in some way. (*name withheld for the time being for security reasons) One of the core values that we adopted for our ministry is "Collaborative Relationships & Unity." We have seen this play out each and every time that we have been helping at Senderos. Meeting these team members was an unexpected blessin

"What I really needed was someone to reach out and help." ~Wormie

The boys in the special needs room at Senderos de Amor cannot talk, but I think if they could, they would quote Wormie from Max Lucado's Hermie video and say, "what I really needed was someone to reach out and help." It is quite evident that many people are reaching-out and helping! These boys are improving so very much thanks to the help of so many different organizations and individuals. We would love to take this time to say thanks for being that "someone!" So many of you have responded with monetary or in-kind gifts for the boys at Senderos de Amor. I mentioned in an earlier post that the boys needed more stimulation. A couple of very generous donors made it possible for us to purchase a

Sensory Deprivation

We are so grateful to be learning so much about how to help the twelve special needs boys at Senderos de Amor. To be honest, I had to step out of their room on my first visit. The smell was reminiscent of a nursing home and the sight of the teenage boys in grown-up size baby cribs was just a bit too much for me to process. There were several things that I saw that didn't make sense and concerned me, however, after multiple trips and conversations with staff, I was able to understand more. On our second trip to Senderos, I met a medical team that had evaluated these boys just a year prior at a public children's home. They were astounded at the progress that they had made. These young men are

Senderos de Amor Update

It has been 38-days since we visited Senderos de Amor for the first time. So much can change in such a short period of time. We've gotten to know the boys that live there better and we are learning so much about special needs boys. Our ministry has purchased plumbing equipment and paid labor to repair all of the bathroom sinks and toilets. We also paid someone to cut the grass and to haul-off 5 dump truck loads of debris from the grounds. Two microwaves were purchased - one for the kitchen to replace the old microwave with a huge hole in it. The smaller microwave was purchased for the special needs room so that the nurse doesn't have to abandon her post to warm food for little Ronaldo. One o


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