Guess who we saw at Prepace?

The first person that greeted us at the main gate of this special needs home in Tegucigalpa was someone we knew and dearly loved. It was a little boy that we had accepted at another children's home several years ago. I knew when I was signing my name on the paperwork that there was something wrong with him, but I felt God tugging at my heart to rescue him from the public home where he and his baby sister were living. I'll never forget when I met his sister. The employees in the nursery told me that this baby couldn't smile. I picked her up, swirled her around up in the air, and she smiled. I wouldn't smile either if I was imprisoned in a baby bed with no attention or stimulation. We are so g

Little Lambs - Literacy & Learning

Not every children's home in Honduras has unlimited funds and resources. This is just one of the homes we discovered to be struggling this year. Other missionaries in Honduras brought this home to our attention and even took us there to raise awareness. When we were visiting with them for the first time, I couldn't help but notice that they did not have an indoor play area nor a library/homework center. These girls told us they would love to have a library. Guess what? We knew the perfect person to make their wish become a reality. Karol Morris flew all the way from Texas with her luggage filled to the brim with fun decorations and books. She even shipped cargo in advance to help design and


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