Christmas Tradition Continues in Honduras

Kelly shared with our friends from El Tomate about a memory from his childhood. He told everyone that his late grandfather was a Church of God pastor and that the church his grandfather pastored had a custom of giving a lunch bag filled with a couple of pieces of fruit and candy to the people that attended the Christmas service at church. The tradition lives on with Kelly in Honduras. Instead of a plain white bag, we asked the children and women to decorate the bags with images of their choice. In all, they decorated approximately 90 bags. Pastor Luis, Evelyn, Sammy, Nuvia, and Suyapa helped us to fill the bags with fruit and candy on Sunday before church. I think we have discovered a few ar

Would you walk 2-hours to attend church?

Would you walk 2-hours to attend church? Juana and her five daughters walk 2-hours to attend church service. We first met them at a school event. I approached Juana because I had never seen her. She and her daughters had been invited to attend the school event, but she told me her daughters were not enrolled there because they didn't have the money to buy school uniforms and supplies. Juana doesn't know it yet, but a church in the USA donated funds to buy school uniforms. Praise God, these girls are going to be able to attend school in 2017.

Roofing, Repairs, Renovations

Thanks to our almighty heavenly father for all of the many blessings He has rained down from Heaven. This year, since relocating to the new ministry location, we have been able to replace badly damaged roofs on a house, a dorm, an apartment, and an office. Also, we were blessed with visitors and other volunteers who painted and decorated a nursery, painted dorm rooms, repaired plumbing, demolished walls, cut grass, chopped wood, removed roots from the septic tanks, you name it, they did it. There is plenty of work left to do. Please pray about coming to help us in 2017.


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