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Senderos de Amor

We were asked to join a group of individuals, churches, and other mission organizations who are coming together to "flip" Senderos de Amor, an all boys home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Senderos de Amor was opened on September 10, 1984 with 8 boys. At one point, they had about 60 boys. There are currently 41 males living there with 9 of them living in the special needs wing. The ages of the residents in the special needs wing are really unknown, however, they think they range from 8 years old to 24 years old.

Meet some of the boys that have stolen our hearts. We can't stop thinking about them. Their smiles are super contagious and we love being around them.





We were shocked at the numerous needs we encountered. Senderos, don't get me wrong, is nice and has tons of potential. It is just very apparent that they don't have the same resources. The management cannot even afford to pay their staff, most of which have been working without a salary for months.

We're super impressed with several staff members. Thanks to their solicitations and hard work, their food and electricity is free. The boys eat meat 6-days per week. Their serving sizes are huge and they even have healthy snacks. They are lacking silverware, cups, and hand soap and towels.




The 1st and 2nd shift nurses that we met are providing excellent care for the special needs boys. The lady in the purple shirt solicits donations, helps with homework, supervises, and even works in the kitchen when the cook is on vacation. The lady in the red shirt is a nurse; she is even helping out.


DSC_8294 (1).jpg

There are a number of things that needs to be done such as installation of window screens to prevent insect-borne illnesses and plumbing repair. There is a lot more to share; it's just too much for this blog.

We'll be visiting the boys at Senderos on a regular basis and reporting how you can help in the future.


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