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Down Syndrome

Pam Hamm, a friend from church, invited me to visit Buddy House in our hometown of Bowling Green, KY. I was so excited to learn more about Buddy House and the programs they have in place for children and adults with Down Syndrome.

Their facility was amazing and all of the learning centers and resources were impressive, but I couldn't help but think that everything they use is so advanced for the special needs children whom we have encountered in Honduras.

Early intervention and therapy is critical for children with special needs such as Down Syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, etc.

Children in the USA have access to the best care possible. More importantly, they have parents who seek the best treatment and therapy.

I have seen a young man with Down Syndrome preach a sermon in the USA. But in Honduras, I have seen the extreme opposite - orphan boys and teenagers who are non-verbal, barely able to feed themselves, unable to bathe themselves or even go to the bathroom.

Oh how I long to be able to make a difference in the area of special needs in Honduras.

Who are we? What can we do? Well, we do not have any education or even special training in this area. We only have huge hearts and a calling to help. If it's God's will, HE will make it possible for us to at least facilitate therapy for those whom God puts in our path.

This young man below is such an inspiration and has an amazing attitude. He wants SO badly to go on a mission trip one day. Please pray for Stephen to get this opportunity.

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