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Advocate for Children, Youth, & Families by working to improve standards of care, by helping to establish global policies and procedures that will culturally, legally, and spiritually meet the needs of the whole child.


Partner With Alliances, NGO's, and others to consult and accomplish shared goals.


Show God's love and further His Kingdom by planting a church and by serving people that God puts in our path. 


Align all policies, practices, programs, and resources to advance strategic priorities particularly related to the UN/UNICEF Model.


Provide Solutions to keep families together.


Borders Expanded (BE) Ministries, is a Christ-centered organization that exists to fulfill God's directive to BE defenders of the cause of the "weak and fatherless.”



We are called by God to BE advocates of at-risk children; to promote family preservation; to raise awareness and provide solutions to meet the needs of needy children and their families.


Advocacy: We engage in actions that positively influence outcomes directly affecting the lives of children.  James 1:27 & John 14:18


Collaborative Relationships & Unity: We partner with alliances, churches, foundations, and individuals to develop and achieve shared goals in a God-glorifying and edifying manner.  Ephesians 4:15-16


Commitment: We are accountable to God, report directly to the board of directors and stakeholders, and wholeheartedly invest ourselves in the lives of others. 1 Peter 4:10-11


Compassion: We treat others generously, graciously, and mercifully. Luke 10:37


Humility: We recognize that we are imperfect but always strive to improve.  James 3:13


Stewardship: We are transparent with ministry funds, projects, and resources and adhere to GAAP standards. Align all activities, policies, practices, programs, and resources to advance strategic goals in accordance with the laws of the USA and Honduras.  Matthew 25:29

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