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Tim & Sally Williams

About their Role

Tim & Sally founded Hope & Help for Honduras, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity to provide preschool and primary education opportunities for children in Guaimaca, Honduras. Sally coordinates sponsorships for students. Both Tim & Sally actively help the school with supplies and renovation projects. 


With BE Ministries, Tim & Sally will also be helping Kelly & Trisha Lawrence with various ministry projects. Tim is interested in helping with pastoral and church leader training sessions. Tim & Sally have already used their communications background to install security monitoring systems on the main campus. They also led a team most recently in October 2021 to pour a concrete porch in front of the chapel and concrete flooring in the parsonage.




Married: May 27, 1989

Tim has a Master of Theology, Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, Master of Science in Administration, and a BA in Computer Science.  


Sally has a Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Data Processing.  

About their Calling

Tim and Sally both served as communications officers for the US Air Force for 20 years and served at six bases in the US and Europe. They have been married since 1989 and have an adult son, Ted, daughter-in-law, Brittany, and granddaughter, Piper.


Tim & Sally have led mission teams in the United States and—since 2014—participated in or led teams to Honduras.  They often felt that God was pointing them towards more involvement with service in Honduras.  They founded a non-profit organization to help a bilingual Christian school in Guaimaca, Honduras, and continue to be heavily involved in that ministry.  But they still had the feeling that God was leading them to something more, although they didn’t know exactly what “more” looked like.


Then, in 2017, a missionary couple who is very dear to them took them to visit the BE Ministries campus in El Tomate, Guaimaca, Honduras.  They had met Kelly and Trisha before while serving on a short-term mission in Honduras and discovered that they too were from Kentucky.  Something just clicked on that first visit to Be Ministries, and subsequent stays with the Lawrences only confirmed what they already knew: this is where God was leading them.


Tim & Sally said, “there is nothing special about us – we simply feel the tug of Christ’s commission to make disciples.  This goes beyond just making converts: we want others to know the joy of growing in Christ, glorifying God, and enjoying Him forever.  To God be the glory, and honor, and praise!”

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