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BE Ministries planted a church in El Tomate and conducted the first church service on April 10, 2016. The church was dedicated with over 200 people in attendance in July 2016.

The pastor of Iglesia Senderos de Fe is Luis Rodriguez. Pastor Luis graduated from The Thomas Herrington Bible Institute in 2013, and was married to Oneida in April 2018.


There are 33 schools in the Guaimaca area that do not have electricity. Thanks to Beyond the Light, one system was installed in 2018, 7 were installed in 2019, and 6 will be installed in 2020. BTL also plans to upgrade the systems at 2 schools.


BE Ministries has hosted autism screening clinics and works with therapy teams to provide occupational, physical, and speech therapy for children at a therapy center in Guaimaca.

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