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Education for

Pastors & Church Leaders

In March 2017, Pastor Roger Alford facilitated our very first pastoral training session. The pastors and church leaders in attendance loved his teaching method and expressed a desire to continue attending classes. How appropriate considering our property was a former Bible Institute.


Attendance continued to grow each year and in 2019, Pastor Abner Mejia, a Honduran missionary with World Reach Mobile Bible Institute, also facilitated a class. We started with a small group of pastors and most recently, in February 2020, had over 30 people in attendance at what was going to be the first session of a multi-year program equivalent to a degree that could be obtained from a Bible College. 


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and strict rules in Honduras, an alternative method of providing training is being developed by World Reach. Classes facilitated by highly-qualified teachers will be delivered via SD cards for smart phones and USBs for those who have USB-compatible devices. 

Proceeds from coffee sales will enable us to provide financial support to Pastor Abner Mejia. We have known and worked with Abner Mejia since 2012. He is an extremely qualified and gifted pastor and teacher. We're thrilled to be collaborating with him on this initiative.​ Be the hands and feet of Jesus by helping Pastor Abner teach the infallible Word of God to church leaders and pastors in rural areas of Honduras.

"You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others."

2 Timothy 2:2-16 (NLT)


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