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The Story of Jesus for Children

It seemed like Christmas when we began to open the multitude of boxes after we moved to our new home in Tegucigalpa on March 11, 2015. You see, we purchased the entire contents of Larry and Karol Morris' home when they retired from missionary service in October 2014, however, we didn't know exactly what we had received because we immediately put all of the unopened boxes that Larry had packed into storage. The larger pieces of furniture were visible, but we didn't realize what we had inside the boxes until we began to unpack in March. We had everything we needed and more. I'm talking everything you need for a house from dishes, bedding, aluminum foil, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, super cute decorations, wall art, furniture galore, office supplies, camping equipment, plants, etc. You name it, we had it.

Something we received, but didn't know how we would use it at the time, was a red suitcase filled with video and audio equipment as well as several DVD's. Another item that we had also purchased last year in the spring from the McKenzies when they returned to the USA, was a large projector screen. All of these things are now being used in a way we never imagined.

We have now had the opportunity to show The Story of Jesus for Children on two occasions in Santa Elena. Approximately 38 children in this group saw the film on June 29.

Since a larger audience was expected to see the film on August 6, an outdoor venue was chosen. It is believed that approximately 130 children, youth, and adults were present.

The Mission on the Move team we met from Georgia worked so hard with Ernie and Alisson Sizemore to prepare for this community event. I noticed that they made sure everyone had a seat, a bag of popcorn, and a Sprite. And as soon as the film finished, it began to rain. Everyone started running in every direction, however, they sprang into action and broke everything down in what seemed like a couple of minutes.

We would love to bring this equipment and show this film or another one in your community. Please e-mail me at for more information.


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