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Nancy could BE the person who will impact the lives of thousands!

Nancy decided about five years ago that she wanted to be an English teacher. This fall she will finally reach a goal that has not been easy to attain. Due to lack of finances, she had to drop out of college for about a year. Because she didn't give up, Nancy will graduate in September from the Universidad Pedagógica Nacional Francisco Morazán (UPNFM) with an elementary education degree.

It must be a little scary for Nancy because of the economic reality here in Honduras. With the unemployment rate in Honduras at 4.3% and 1/3 of the population under employed, it won't be easy for Nancy to find a job when she graduates, however, she will have a competitive edge. English!

Nancy's parents have worked hard for a very long time and they have encouraged their children to get an education. Nancy's mom only completed the 2nd grade and her dad the 4th grade. Although Nancy's brothers graduated from high school, they didn't have the option to attend college. Since 60% of the population live under the poverty line in Honduras, it sometimes takes the entire family to work together to make enough to survive. Nancy's brothers were able to find jobs to help support the family.

We are sure that Nancy's parents are so very proud. I can only imagine the joy they must have felt when they saw these pictures of their daughter in the classroom setting. Please join us in praying that Nancy will find a job when she graduates. She could BE the person who will impact the lives of thousands of children in the future.





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