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Senderos de Amor Update

It has been 38-days since we visited Senderos de Amor for the first time. So much can change in such a short period of time. We've gotten to know the boys that live there better and we are learning so much about special needs boys.

Our ministry has purchased plumbing equipment and paid labor to repair all of the bathroom sinks and toilets. We also paid someone to cut the grass and to haul-off 5 dump truck loads of debris from the grounds. Two microwaves were purchased - one for the kitchen to replace the old microwave with a huge hole in it. The smaller microwave was purchased for the special needs room so that the nurse doesn't have to abandon her post to warm food for little Ronaldo.

Microwave with hole in back

One of the recommendations that we included in our assessment of the home was that the caregivers needed to be charting each day on the boys. We created binders with dividers and designed custom forms for charting.

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