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The boy is now a man and a daddy.

Where has the time gone? Kelly first met Cesar in 2005; I met him in 2007. He lived at the GSCH for several years before he was transferred to an all boys home in 2009, one year before we arrived to serve in Honduras. We lost contact with Cesar for several years, but finally reunited with him about 2-years ago.

Cesar is now 23-years old, engaged to a sweet young lady, is a great daddy, and is majoring in engineering at CEUTEC. We are proud that he has accepted responsibility for his 5-month old son and Loren's 5-year old son, Carmelo.

This pic of Kelly & Cesar was taken 7-years, 7-months ago on 12/28/2007.

This pic of Cesar and me was taken on 12/27/2007, the date I first tried sugar cane.

7/26/2015 - Cesar with his sweet family, Loren, Carmelo, and Andrés.

Andrés (Andrew) has curly hair like his daddy, Cesar, and his adopted nana. :-)

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