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All but forgotten

It was nearing time to leave San Pedro Sula last week when Angie Dunleavy of Orphan Helpers asked if we would like to visit special needs teenage girls/women at a government-run facility. This meant we would be returning to Tegucigalpa in the dark, but we decided that we should go.

What a huge blessing we would have missed had we not gone.

When we pulled-up to the gate, a young lady peered through the small square opening and screamed Angie's name with excitement.

Angie told us that these teenage girls/women are "all but forgotten." When IHNFA facilities were permanently closed in December, they found placements for all of the children and even the special needs boys in facilities across Honduras. They were not able to find anyone who would accept these special needs teenage girls and women. DINAF, the organization that is in charge of this facility, is still providing 24/7 care for them.

We have seen so many extremes in this country. I left there broken hearted and concerned for their future. There are two teenage girls who seem perfectly normal - well, they might have slight issues, but they could be managed elsewhere. Some of the women were sexually abused and delivered babies who were are living in other children's homes in Honduras. One of the women there, who looks like a little girl, tearily told me that she had a child, but doesn't know where he is now.

Please pray for the girls and women living at this facility. They need basic things there such as towels, sheets, drinking water, clothing, undergarments, etc. We will be going back there soon, I hope.

Thank you, Angie, for inviting us to visit and spend time with these girls.

BE blessed by watching this precious girl with Downs Syndrome as she twirls and twirls to the music.

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