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"We were in survival mode in 2014, but 2015 is the year of revival." ~Terri Tindall

When Kelly and I are not in Tegucigalpa or in San Pedro Sula, we're going in various other directions. One of our recent road trips took us to Santa Ana, about 45-minutes from Tegucigalpa, where we were able to check-in on Terri Tindall. Terri, the executive director of Casa de Esperanza (House of Hope), told us at a conference about a month ago that their children's home was in survival mode in 2014, but that 2015 is the year of revival.

Terri isn't letting the difficult year of 2014 get her down. She is working very hard to stabilize Casa de Esperanza, a home that cares for approximately 20 children. Terri is currently searching for someone to fill the vacant national director position. She would consider a psychologist or someone else with experience in directing a children's home.

Listen to Terri's brief clip below and go to their Facebook page, website, or blog for more information.

Casa de Esperanza, an independent 501c3 organization, opened their doors in Santa Ana in 2006, with the purpose to "Making a Difference One Child at a Time." If you would like to volunteer at or support this home, please reach out to Terri.

We love the bunk beds at Casa de Esperanza.

...and these cute little beds.

The twenty children that live at Casa de Esperanza have a great outdoor play area.

This young lady was repairing a pair of jeans when we toured her house.

This young lady, just like all of the others, have responsibilities in their house.

All of their indoor spaces have adequate play areas as well as beautiful and vibrant wall art.

All of the children have their "own" bike. Terri said that the children are not allowed to ride the bikes of others; she said this avoids problems and teaches responsibility.

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