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Juvencio pointed after the "seizure." Did he see Jesus?

Was it a seizure or was it Jesus' loving and healing touch?

August 5, 2015 - Jesus came, unbeknownst to us, to do physical therapy on Juvencio

It was August 5, 2015 at 4:06 pm, to be exact, when we began recording what we thought was a seizure. When we walked into Juvencio's room, at approximately 4:04 pm, he put his coloring book down and reclined backward in the bed. Both of Juvencio's legs began to forcefully tremble and shake extremely rapidly. He was unresponsive to us, although his eyes were open.

What the video footage carefully. At this point, Juvencio's legs had already stopped shaking, but watch him point at something/someone and then return to responsiveness.

Also listen attentively to the song playing faintly in the background below. Due to some type of faint prelude by the music artist, it isn't apparent what song is playing on the radio until after Juvencio stops pointing. Again, this is not something we noticed until we watched the brief clip for the third time. It is incredible that as soon as Juvencio puts his hand down that we can hear the chorus of "How He Loves."

Were we present when Juvencio was being given a year's worth of physical therapy by the master physical therapist in the matter of minutes? Did Juvencio see someone whom our eyes could not see? Did Juvencio have a seizure, was he being healed, or both?

We initially thought Juvencio was having a form of a seizure, but later, we realized that this was more than a seizure. We feel certain that Jesus was there in the room with us doing physical therapy and healing Juvencio.

August 6, 2015 - The day we realized Juvencio had been healed and that we had been in the presence of Jesus.

  • 9:45 am: Mercedes, the physical therapist performed therapy on Juvencio's legs

  • 9:52 am: Karol Morris, a friend, under the direction of Mercedes, assisted Juvencio with sit-ups

  • 11:12 am: An employee at Senderos sent a photo of Juvencio and a text message stating that a miracle had occurred with Juvencio. That he stood by himself.

  • 1:00 pm: We returned to Senderos and went immediately to Juvencio's room. This is when we heard the "rest of the story."

Conchita, a super sweet caregiver that God appointed to work with these boys, felt led to speak God's words to Juvencio. She approached Juvencio, touched him, and said, "levantate en el nombre de Jesucristo!" (stand up in the name of Jesus Christ).

Without assistance, Juvencio stood up! By himself!

Juvencio has been gaining strength for months, but was not strong enough to stand by himself before the "seizure" on August 5.

Have you ever been in a room with Jesus? We feel certain that we were in the same room with the great healer. We saw HIM in action, but didn't realize it until about 24-hours later.

THANK YOU to EVERYONE who is making it possible for us to play a small role at Senderos de Amor and for the miracles that we continue to see.

Oh, how He loves us, Oh, how He loves us, Oh, how He loves. Yeah, He loves us, Oh, how He loves us, Oh, how He loves us, Oh, how He loves.

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