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Where does your daughter sleep?

Vero, a lady whom we met several years ago, reached out to us after she lost her full-time, minimum wage paying job. Since we couldn't afford to offer her a full-time position, we asked her to clean our house once a week so that she could earn a little extra income to provide for her daughter.

One day while talking to Vero, we learned that her elementary-aged daughter, Suany, did not have a bed.

Can you imagine having one bed in the house? Most children in the USA have their own beds in their own bedroom. Some even have their own walk-in closet and bathroom. This precious, humble, smart little girl, had no where else to sleep, except for with her mother and father. Their bathroom - it's outside. Their shower only functions if they have collected enough rain water to pour over themselves.

It was so good to finally see the one room house that Vero had scrimped and saved to build over the last few years. Thank you, God, for blessing us with a little extra to be able to surprise Suany and Vero with a new mattress.

#Mattress #FoamdeHonduras #HechoenHonduras

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