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Imagine sleeping in these 2 places...

Can you imagine sleeping in these places? Believe me, the pictures do not do these two places justice.

It broke my heart to discover that 1 adult and 6 children were sleeping in one very small room on these horrible mattresses. The mattress on the floor is where the mother slept with her 3-year old daughter who has osteogenesis imperfecta (Brittle Bone Disease).

We couldn't in good conscience leave these people to sleep in such horrid conditions. So, we donated new mattresses to these people. We were also able to donate some diapers and formula for the toddler.

It also greatly concerned me to discover that this special needs adult was sleeping in a shed on a wood slat bed without a mattress next to a pile of rocks and wood. And it wasn't just the sights and the gaping holes on between the ceiling and the walls - her bedroom reeked of urine. Poor woman. I just hate it that she has to be locked-up to sleep like an animal in a shed at night.


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