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BE a Doer

Mary Jane Haley (right) is a homemaker, retired factory worker, skilled seamstress, and a go-getter.

Mary Jane was shocked to hear that some women in other countries didn’t have access to feminine hygiene products. It had never occurred to her that women in other parts of the world might suffer like that, and it bothered her so much that it kept her awake at night.

She wondered how she might be able to help and wanted to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So she researched cloth sanitary napkins. She stayed up all night, many nights, perfecting a pattern and experimenting with different fabrics. And then she started sewing them! Without any help, or any donations, or any idea where or how she would send them to the women in need. ❤️ She just took a leap of faith, knowing it was what God meant for her to do at the time. When friends in her Homemakers group learned what she was doing, they wanted to sew them too. She soon had a team of seamstresses from the area, all of them sewing cloth pads for women in other parts of the world. They recently won a state award for their initiative! 🏆 Mary Jane, a family friend, asked our daughter, Hannah, to speak to the Warren County Homemakers Association earlier this year. When Hannah met Mary Jane, she had accumulated pads but still had no place to send them. She has since been able to send them to organizations in Africa, the Philippines and Central America. The reaction in Honduras was amazing, and doors are now being opened to further the ministry of BE Ministries as more needs from the women there are being made known. Many imagine, but few execute. Mary Jane is an inspiration, and proof that it’s never too late and you’re never too young or too old to BE A DOER.

If you know of another ministry or organization that could help us share Mary Jane’s products with women in need, please let us know! 😁

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