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In the USA, although we may be super curious as to the conditions of people waiting to see the doctor, we would most likely never ask what was wrong. In fact, it is rare to even make eye contact with the other people in waiting rooms.

Here in Honduras, where we are in a warm culture, it seems like the opposite. Everyone, adults and children alike, stare at Roy when we are at appointments and they ask, “what is wrong with him?”

At his appointment today, multiple children and adults stared and asked about his condition. They were also alarmed at how his breathing seems so labored. After the last lady asked about Roy, in private I joked with Maritza about one of Kelly's infamous words that he taught to everyone else. You point to your nose and say, "nosey."

The next time someone asks Maritza about Roy, we'll probably both be polite with our response, but we will no doubt exchange a look and be thinking, "Nosey!"

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