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Climb ladder ➡️ fall off ladder ➡️ Get Covid-19‼️

I wanted to climb the ladder to look around from the guard tower. When I got to the top rung, I told Kelly I was scared that I would fall and have to go to the hospital where I would likely be exposed to Covid-19. Kelly asked how that I had thought through the worst case scenario in a matter of seconds. It's either a blessing or a curse to be able to think through the what-ifs in the matter of seconds. That's just how I'm wired, I guess. I know we're supposed to take all thoughts captive and to not worry, but that's a daily struggle for me.

Today, June 23 2020, is either day 101 or day 100 -- depending on your opinion on the date the quarantine started. The government of Honduras announced a strict quarantine and shut down the international borders on March 15, 2020. It was March 16 that marked the first day of businesses being shut-down and travel restricted based upon the last number of your ID.

It's been scary and stressful to be in another country during a pandemic and to hear regularly from the US Embassy that they cannot guarantee repatriation flight availability. If you suffer from severe anxiety, Honduras is not the place to be during a pandemic.

The Honduran government releases stats each night, but they have so many tests to process that the data we see each night is typically from 12-15 days prior to the release date. As of June 22, the government reported that there are 13,356 cases in Honduras. On May 23, 2020, the total count for Honduras was 3,743. More than 1,000 tests are being processed daily and the economic re-opening plan had to be revised due to the drastic increase in cases, especially in Tegucigalpa, the capital city.

We're trying to stay safe, maintaining social distancing in our small rural village, and using masks/gel when we go out in public. We're allowed by law to go out once every 14 days to the grocery, pharmacy, gas station, and bank based upon the last number of our ID card. We typically buy our supplies in bulk and go shopping once a month. When the quarantine started, I started worrying incessantly about not being able to buy eggs. We have yet to be without eggs because God provides.

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